Making the Ideal Conceal Pistol a Reality

A partnership between Spitfire, Pongratz Engineering, and Ideal Conceal


When a person decides to carry a firearm for personal defense they usually don’t want to draw attention to themselves. The inventor of the Ideal Conceal pistol concept, Kirk Kjellberg, had an experience where he was at a restaurant and a small boy saw his carry pistol and commented loudly about it and all eyes in the restaurant turned on him. This was attention that Kjellberg did not desire and he set to thinking about a solution. “Sometimes the best way to conceal something is to make it look like an everyday object that people are accustomed to seeing and won’t give a second glance,” Kjellberg said. The form of a smart phone has become commonplace in our world today. From this, the Ideal Conceal concept was born, and the appearance was already dictated by the mobile phone market.

Ideal Conceal closed
Ideal Conceal gun
ideal conceal weapon

Development barriers & opportunities:

Fitting a two-barreled derringer into the size and shape of a common mobile phone presented the design team at Pongratz Engineering some unique challenges. “First and foremost are the safety considerations,” Troy Pongratz said, owner of Pongratz Engineering. “It is imperative that the gun be designed rugged and with features that make it safe to use and carry.”  The handle grip of the pistol folds flat and closed when carried.  This feature was needed to follow the form factor of a smart phone, but is an added safety feature.  When the handle is closed it covers the trigger.  This prevents the pistol from being accidentally fired when handled or if a person unfamiliar with firearms were to pick up the pistol.  There are also two safety features preventing the handle from opening when not intended.  To open the handle grip a slide catch by the end of the handle grip must be pushed in a slid toward the front of the pistol to release the grip.  There is also a key that locks the handle slide catch closed to “lockout” the pistol to help prevent children from opening the pistol. “There are more safety features on this pistol than most pistols on the market” commented Kjellberg. Regardless, a responsible gun owner should always secure their pistol.

Another design challenge was the space available in the chosen physical form.  The Ideal conceal pistol needed to be flat like a smart phone.  This did not leave a lot of room to fit in the fire group mechanism.  Many iterations were considered and multiple prototypes built before the final mechanism was selected.  “It was a tricky problem, but we are all about tricky,” commented Pongratz.

Another consideration was designing the structure and selecting materials strong enough to handle the recoil. “We’re talking about over 20,000 psi during the firing event,” Pongratz said. “Unique design solutions were employed to make the pistol strong enough and yet keep it light enough to make it a daily carry pistol.”  Again the thin form factor limited the space preventing a simple approach of adding more steel to beef it up that would be possible with a standard pistol.

A brilliant option:

Kjellberg and Pongratz Engineering will have the gun available for purchase by late 2017. “We’ve received a tremendous amount of publicity right out of the gate,” Kjellberg said. “I’ve already sold over 500 pre-ordered units. The demand for this pistol is incredible” Pongratz concurred.  The Pongratz engineering team has been utterly dedicated to making the Ideal Conceal pistol become a reality.  “We have condensed the design and engineering process as much as possible, all while maintaining the safety and reliability of the design,” Pongratz said. He credits his innovative and responsive team to condensing the schedule. “We’re an extension of Kirk’s team and success and are excited to see it come to market.”